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The project

Renewable Grid was contacted by a group of dedicated energy professionals looking to begin a new wind turbine project. Local businesses and residents passed legislation to implement clean, renewable energy in the area.

Knowing that Renewable Grid is an industry-leader in wind turbine project development, site excavation, construction, and operations, they contacted us to assist with this major project.



Unsure of where the ideal wind turbine placement should be, the team at Renewable Grid needed to use critical geography sourcing and analysis to determine the ideal location for the wind turbines. Using computer-aided projections of energy collection and efficiencies, we began the process of sourcing appropriate locations for maximum energy collection.

Charge forward with us – Partner with Renewable Grid



In addition to geography sourcing, we were tasked with designing a custom wind turbine plan from start to finish. Our team of dedicated engineers crafted custom design plans, infrastructures, and post-construction operations plans.

We partnered with our clients to develop custom project timelines, coordinate efforts and resources, and meet the goals and expectations of the project.



As a result of our efforts, Renewable Grid successfully installed a new wind turbine farm that provides local homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy that is affordable and reliable.

We also provided continued operational support and regular maintenance and repairs. Partnering with Renewable Grid allowed the project to go as planned, creating an energy-efficient solution for homes and businesses in the area.